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Because not everything the sun emits is "gold", Protective Gocce Magiche protects the face while stimulating the production of Vitamin D. Gocce Magiche self-tanning products give you that perfect look for the hottest time of the year.




Founded in 1983 in Milan, Collistar is present in over 45 countries and was named the best-selling brand in Italy in 2022, with over 20 years of leadership. For the last 40 years, Collistar has been side by side with every woman, with the aim of enhancing her natural beauty, looking for spontaneous, essential and authentic beauty: the essence of Italian beauty.

  1. Collistar - Acqua Attiva Eau de Toilette 100mL
  2. Collistar - Talasso-Scrub Revitalizing Exfoliating Salts 700g
  3. Collistar - Multi-Active Deodorant 24H Cream 75mL
  4. Collistar - Talasso-Scrub Anti-Age Salts with Essential Oils 700g
  5. Collistar - Uomo Daily Protective Moisturizer 80mL
  6. Collistar - Anti-Celulite Draining Gel-Mud 400mL
  7. Collistar - Deep Moisturizing Fluid All Skin Types 400mL
  8. Collistar - Collagen Conditioner Volumizing Redensifying 200mL
  9. Collistar - 24 Hours Deodorant Roll-On 75mL
  10. Collistar - Supertanning Concentrate Unguent 150mL SPF10
  11. Collistar - Niacinamide Scrub Exfoliating Oil Control 250mL
  12. Collistar - Supertanning Water Moisturizing Anti-Salt 400mL
  13. Collistar - Multi-Active Deodorant 24H Roll-On 75mL
  14. Collistar - Phyto-Keratin Shampoo Intensive Restructuring 250mL
  15. Collistar - Anticellulite Cryo-Gel 400mL
  16. Collistar - Lift HD Body Cream 400mL


    Lift HD Body Cream 400mL

    HK$ 433.73 HK$ 481.86 

  17. Collistar - Superconcentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment 200mL
  18. Collistar - Anti-Aging Repairing Hand and Nail Cream 100mL
  19. Collistar - High Definition Slimming Cream Body 400mL
  20. Collistar - Bust Pure Actives Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Bust 50mL
  21. Collistar - Uomo Anti-Age Energizing Cream-Gel 50mL
  22. Collistar - Abdomen and Hips 250mL


    Abdomen and Hips 250mL

    HK$ 382.84 HK$ 425.36 

  23. Collistar - Intensive Firming Body Cream Plus 400mL
  24. Collistar - Attivi Puri Salicylic Acid + Niacinamide Lotion 100mL
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